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Innovation, creativity, complex problem solving, data, technology, math, logical thinking. These are just a few areas where neurodivergent people tend to excel.

Cognitive diversity is often invisible. It’s likely that your organization and teams already include amazing neurodivergent talent. With Tiimo you can help them work at their best. Thriving employees, thriving business.

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Up to 20% of the global population is estimated to be neurodivergent, and research shows this talent pool is highly productive. In some roles, neurodivergent employees can boost team productivity by a whopping 30%. Neurodivergence is an umbrella term and includes conditions like ADHD, Autism, dyslexia and dyspraxia.

A planning coach to manage daily tasks

With its built-in flexibility, Tiimo can be tailored to support specific needs. The app is designed to improve performance and wellbeing at work by supporting a range of planning and problem-solving skills:

→ Organization → Structure → Task initiation → Focus → Time management→ Habit building→ Workflows→ Collaboration → Goal setting

The benefits of Tiimo

Specialized for neurodivergence: We understand that neurodivergent brains – like those with ADHD, autism, and more – require tailored tools and methods.

‍Beyond neurodivergence: In today’s high-paced work culture, stress, and burnout are ubiquitous. These factors can impede executive functions, even in neurotypical brains. With Tiimo, anyone can find support.

‍Structure meets flexibility: We offer structured tools that adapt to individual needs. Whether it’s visual reminders, task breakdowns, or time management aids, Tiimo’s approach is as unique as its users.

Supporting productivity and well-being: By boosting executive functions, we’re not just helping users complete tasks; we’re fostering a sense of accomplishment, reducing anxiety, and elevating overall well-being.

Tiimo: specialized in supporting executive function

Executive function is like the CEO of our brains – it’s responsible for planning, organizing, initiating, and completing tasks. Yet, for many, harnessing these skills can be a significant challenge. This isn’t just restricted to neurodivergent individuals, but also anyone grappling with stress, anxiety, and burnout.

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*Survey of Tiimo premium users, April 2023


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because of Tiimo


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offered Tiimo to employees

"What we love about Tiimo is how it adapts to the individual
needs of our diverse workforce. The ability to visually plan and
customize routines has made such a positive difference. It's
much more than just a productivity tool; it's a step towards
creating an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive.”

Olivia Kraft

Director of IT at Vida Select

Neurodiversity is an umbrella term and encompasses neurological differences like Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, and Dyspraxia.

Neurodivergent means that someone’s brain works differently than what most people expect. It includes conditions like Autism, ADHD, and Dyslexia. It’s important to understand and accept these differences to create a more inclusive and understanding society.

Neurodiverse refers to a group of people who have diverse or different ways of thinking and processing information. It recognizes and celebrates the unique strengths and perspectives of individuals with conditions like Autism, ADHD, and Dyslexia.

Adjustments, in the context of neurodivergent people, are changes made in environments, tasks, or interactions to accommodate and support their specific needs. These adjustments help create an inclusive and accessible environment for neurodivergent individuals to thrive and participate fully.

Ableism refers to discrimination, prejudice, or bias against individuals with disabilities, including neurodivergent people. It involves the belief that neurodivergent individuals are inferior or less capable due to their neurological differences, leading to exclusion, stigmatization, and unequal treatment.

Assistive technology is used by individuals with disabilities in order to perform functions that might otherwise be difficult or impossible. Tiimo was structured for accessibility and neuroinclusion from day one.

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